"I asked Lotte to put our story to music, and then played the song for Sabine and asked her to marry me. We both cried during the process, and the experience was the most beautiful of my life. Thank you Lotte" Hugo Tillman

"It was the most romantic experience in the world to be proposed to with a song that truly captured the essence of our story and our love. Nothing could have moved me more" Sabine Zia Heller



"Lotte wrote us the perfect song for our first dance... our guests were in tears!"


"I asked Lotte to write my Wife a song to celebrate the birth of our daughter and Lotte came up with something really personal and beautiful".


"My Wife was absolutely thrilled with the song Lotte wrote for our anniversary...not sure how I'm going to top that as a gift!"

Luke's proposal song for Vanessa

Vanessa "Hands down the most beautiful and thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me. When I heard the song, I couldn't stop crying (howling actually), it was just so beautiful.  I later read the brief Luke provided to Lotte and that reiterated how Lotte just nailed it.  I love the song so much. So grateful to Lotte, thank you"
Luke "Amazing service, really happy with the final result and constant communication throughout the whole process. Thanks so much for making a wish come true!"

"Music is the universal language of mankind"