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1.  Song Consultation

Tell Lotte all about your loved one via her Inspiration Notebook. You are welcome to share your stories via email and phone too. Lotte will gather your treasured moments and personal messages to create the lyrics for your song.  We will ensure the sound of your song creates the perfect mood - whether you'd like a beautiful ballad or something up tempo and fun.

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2. First Recording

 Your song will be created by critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Lotte Mullan whose music has featured in films by Ridley Scott, the LOVEFILM ad and BBC Radio 2. Once Lotte has all the inspiration she needs she will create a 'first draft' acoustic recording of your song to check you are happy, making any changes necessary until the lyrics are perfect.

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3. Song Style    

Your song can sound however you wish! We will discuss whether you'd like a beautiful acoustic recording with Lotte singing and playing guitar/ piano or a five piece band bringing your song to life.  Lotte works with London's finest session musicians who play with Lana Del Rey,  Elbow and the BBC Symphony Orchestra and has access to the the world famous Abbey Road studios so anything is possible!


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4. Studio recording

 Lotte heads into the studio to record your song!

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5. Final touches

Your song will be mixed and mastered like a release-quality song you'd hear on the radio, before being pressed to CD and/ or Vinyl (we will also send you a link to download your song).

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6. Your Song

The final piece is delivered to your loved one in a beautiful package containing a 'Vinyl look' CD or Vinyl with their unique song, their name on the disc and the lyrics inside. 


*The song creation process can take from a few days for a simple acoustic recording to a month for an elaborate creation*

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 "Through music people can express sentiments that they may struggle to say in everyday life, that's where my inspiration for song writing comes from."

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Creating Your Song - Behind The Scenes

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