“Everyone has a story to tell” says Lotte, and it is this that she weaves into your song.

The process of commissioning a song can take from a few days for a simple acoustic recording to a month for an elaborate creation. This begins with a discussion about who the song is for “I like to get a sense of character,  narrative and the sentiment someone wants to convey with their song” says Lotte. She is happy to work via phone, email or even meet up in person to gather the stories and treasured moments that will become part of the song. “My client and their muse are integral to the songwriting process,” she explains. “It is my job to translate their story accurately, this is highly personal work”.

Once the song is in progress at Lotte’s London studio, she will send you a ‘work tape’ (demo version via email) to check you are happy before recording the final piece.

Lotte’s songs can range from simple acoustic recordings to grand productions recorded at the world famous Abbey Road studios. The finished piece is a release-quality song delivered to your loved one in a beautiful package containing a 'Vinyl look' CD or Vinyl with their unique song, their name on the disc and the lyrics to the song.

“I am often asked to create a piece to commemorate an event, a special anniversary or first dance at a wedding. We all collect cherished memories” notes Lotte “I hope as a songwriter and musician I can help people to consolidate and celebrate their story and loves of their life.”

Contact info@bespokesongs.com to start the process.


"Where words fail, music speaks"