Watch our short film to see how Lotte creates a Bespoke Song.

A Bespoke Song is the most touching gift you could ever give or receive and is a truly personal way to express how much someone one means to you. Your song will be created by critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Lotte Mullan whose music has featured in films by Ridley Scott, the LOVEFILM ad and BBC Radio 2.  

You will discuss the message you wish to convey with your song - be it for a first dance, anniversary or simply to celebrate someone special in your life.  Whether you wish to share your stories via email,  phone,  or meeting in person, Lotte will get a sense of character, narrative and the sentiment before beginning the creative process.

Your song will be professionally recorded by London's finest session musicians who play with Lana Del Rey, Paul McCartney and the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Whether you wish for the full works at Abbey Road or a simple acoustic recording, your heartfelt message to your loved one will make a truly 'once in a lifetime' keepsake that will be treasured forever.

Please see details of our commissions for how to create this wonderfully personal gift.

"If it weren't for music, I would think that love is mortal"